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Welcome to Harvest Family Fellowship

Harvest Family Fellowship is a church that strives to provide a laid back, causal environment in which people can experience God in a real way.  Our mission is to build stronger families for a better tomorrow.

We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, dirt poor, and yo no habla Ingles. We welcome those who are crying new-borns, skinny as a rail or could afford to lose a few pounds.

We welcome you if you can sing like Pavarotti or if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket. You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing,” just woke up, or just got out of jail. We don’t care if you’re more spiritual than the Pope, or haven’t been in church since Uncle Joey’s wedding.

We extend a special welcome to ...

7 Things for Tough Seasons

7 Things for Tough Seasons

On January 23, 2014 I read a quote on the Facebook feed of Kris Vallotton that really hit home for me.  Here’s what it said:

“It's been a tough month. In times like these I feel like I want to just drop out of the race, lick my wounds, and be a spectator. But I remind myself that:

1) I have been here many times before.
2) This too will pass.
3) The Father carries me in these times.
4) These tough times mold my character and strengthen my faith.
5) Many people care about me and want the best for me.
6) All these things will actually work out for my good.
7) I am doing a great work for God and I can't let these momentary light afflictions stop me from fulfilling my God-given destiny.”

I think many of us can relate with Kris’ opening paragraph.  We’ve all experienced tough seasons in life.  Some of these seasons are short, some of them are longer, but the fact remains they are there and we need to deal with them.  I think that understanding these seven reminders will help us to deal with these times in our life in a much better way.  Let’s take a brief look at each reminder:  (click read more link below to continue reading)

Expectations for the Coming Year

anticipationWelcome to 2014!  As the new year dawns my prayer is that this will be an amazing year!  I really believe that the theme for this year is one of breakthrough.  In fact, my sermon for Sunday morning in our Liberty location was on this very theme. (you can listen to that sermon by clicking here).

One of the things that I know will help all of us experience our breakthrough is a thorough examination of our expectations.  One of the things I realized a long time ago is that we tend to find what we are looking for.  When I walk into my office with the attitude of finding what is positive about it, it doesn’t take me long – comfy office chair, nice desk, great color scheme, pictures of my wife and children on the wall, etc.  However, if I walked into my office with the attitude of finding what is negative, it also would not take me long – messy desk, disorganized bookshelf, cobwebs in the corner, etc.  So, my feelings on the quality of my office can greatly depend on my attitude and expectations.

Our expectations influence our reality. (click read more link below to continue reading)

A Look at Worship

Tuesday, August 13, 2013, I finally made some time for God. I had been convicted of not reading my Bible and really seeking God through prayer. So I finally took the first opportunity that came and I made a cup of coffee and went out on my back deck. It wasn't long before I heard from my Father. I have no idea how I cleared my mind because believe me, there's a lot going on in there, but the topic that came up was worship. As some of you may know, I typically enjoy worship, singing songs to Jesus is my favorite form and that's when I hear my Daddy talking to me most times.

Anyway, as I prayed for the leaders here at the church, this is what was pressed on my heart:

Click the Read More link below to continue reading

In Her Shoes

My wife and I have some friends, John and Tracie Loux, that live in Kansas City.  Our friendship goes back more years than I'd care to admit (because I refuse to believe that I am that old!).  Tracie is an awesome blogger, and her latest post was too good to not share here.  The message in this post is one that we all need to hear and apply to our lives.  Click the link below to read the full post - here is a snippet to whet your appetite!

"A friend gave me her shoes. She was cleaning out her closet. We wear the same size, so she gave me a bag full of shoes. No matter how many times I wear theses shoes, I will never ever be able to walk the journey she has walked. I will never ever  be able to fully relate to the days she has spent in these shoes. She is my friend.  But I have not walked in her shoes.I’ve listened to her story. I love her deeply. But I have not lived it. I have not walked it.


Then why is it that it is so easy for us to judge the journey of others? Why is it that we can look at someone’s life from the outside and think that gives us a right to judge their insides. We do it. ALL. THE. TIME. I do it. You do it. Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t. I won’t believe you.   (click here to go to Tracie's blog and continue reading)


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